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In 2003, when WordPress made its debut, its current widespread popularity would have been difficult to predict. Today, it commands a staggering presence, influencing over 40% of the top 10 million global websites and serving as the preferred choice for countless bloggers and individuals aiming for content control.

Given this immense popularity and extensive adoption, it's no surprise that at Cefar we have become a WordPress agency in Leeds. So we have honed our focus on WordPress development to cater to diverse client needs.

Initially conceived for bloggers, WordPress has evolved into a versatile solution for various applications, including forums, galleries, membership sites, and e-commerce platforms. It now stands as the world's preeminent content management system, an essential consideration for any business or brand.

While many clients approach Cefar as a bespoke wordpress website design agency, a significant portion seeks a wordpress agency capable of crafting their ideal content management system. For numerous clients, we've demonstrated that WordPress offers a compelling and cost-effective alternative to their initial bespoke website plans.

As WordPress marks its 20th anniversary this year, it's evident that its two-decade journey has shaped it into the incredibly flexible system it is today. Our expertise as a WordPress design agency allows us to seamlessly integrate bespoke features while leveraging the renowned content management capabilities of WordPress. It serves as an excellent foundation, offering an array of possibilities through plugins, distinctive functionalities, and robust SEO capabilities.

Join us at Cefar, your trusted WordPress agency in Leeds. Whether you're in search of a custom WordPress website agency, design agency, development agency, or an all-encompassing web agency in Leeds, we have the experience and skill set to craft exceptional solutions tailored to your requirements. Celebrate WordPress's 20th birthday with us and explore the limitless potential it offers for your digital journey.

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As a wordpress development agency from Leeds, we are highly experienced in harnessing its huge flexibility for our clients, a flexibility that has been created by over 58,000 different plug-ins that are now available to users of the platform. Offering different functions and features that can tailor a site to suit specific needs, our developers are adept at choosing exactly the right ones for particular client requirements.

The choice is so wide that it is often said that the possibilities are as unlimited as the imaginations of the developers using them - and our developers' imaginations are very wide indeed.

When we set about designing a website using WordPress the very first thing that we do is take a deep dive into why we're developing a new WordPress website, and what our client wants to achieve with it. We believe that this is an essential step if we're not just going to take a cookie-cutter approach to wordpress website development.

Having received a full and comprehensive brief we then get to work on deciding exactly which plug-ins and other customisation features are going to achieve the result our client wants.

Thanks to the open-source nature of the system it also means that we can tailor the programming aspects to our own requirements - something that most other CMS systems simply won't allow.

While there is a seemingly infinite range of themes available with WordPress, we prefer to take a bespoke approach. By building the core theme of each WordPress website from scratch, we can create a finished product that fits exactly your company's design, brand and specification.

The net result can be a website that offers the best of both worlds. Namely, the speed and convenience of creating a website using the system with a truly bespoke look, feel and level of functionality.

The stats on the popularity of WordPress websites are jaw-dropping. According to official figures, nearly 43% of the top ten million websites in the world use WordPress as their back end. Creating a website with WordPress is becoming ever more popular.

From a beginner starting their first website to worldwide companies including Sony and PlayStation. It's also the clear market leader among content management systems with around 63% market share. As a result, WordPress is behind well over 450 million different websites in total.

Its huge popularity has meant that creating a website on WordPress has become a top priority for Cefar as we become a leading WordPress development agency in Leeds. We have always been aware of the importance of mastering the system on behalf of our clients, as well as acknowledging exactly why it is so very popular.

One of the key reasons is that WordPress makes it easy for almost anyone to create content, whether a user simply wants to publish daily blog updates or create a full e-commerce site, WordPress can do it all. WordPress now includes its own theme called "WordPress theme" They allow you to install WordPress and build a website on WordPress for any type of business.

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