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Cefar create management systems that make your business more efficient and more productive with less work and less time wasted. Our systems are designed around your business needs, for all the tasks most important to you.

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A System Designed forYour Business

All of our systems are bespokely designed, using previous experience and applying it in a unique way to your business. Every business we've worked with has required us to come up with a new and unique solution, and that's just what we've done.

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Know Your Business

The better you know your business, the better you can control it. We create systems that help you measure spend, employee time and profit, and manage all of it with one simple interface.

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Reduce Waste

Every business experiences some form of waste. Whether it's time per task, amount of work, physical production or cost, cutting down on your waste increases your bottom line.

Cefar systems help you deal with waste in two ways:

  • Cut down on time/work per task, increasing efficiency.

  • Measure cost, performance & value, exposing inefficiency.

Some systems focus on one of these methods or the other, some focus on both side by side. In every case, the end result is reducing your waste, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Spending dashboard
Measure Spend

Measure Spend on everything from production costs, employee wages, department budgets and all operational costs. See where money is going, so you can correctly measure your return on investment.

Time tracking dashboard
Track Time

Track time spent on different tasks within your business, how much time individual tasks take up and where time is being wasted, or where not enough time is being spent.

Collective dashboard of all the above
Record Profit

Record your Profit so you can see the returns your business is making, where they come from and whether they fall in line with expectations.

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Make Informed Decisions

With all the necessary information at your fingertips, you'll be making decisions that are better informed, and better for your business. This is information every business owner should have access to, and we make it easier for you than ever.

Automate & Manage Every Aspect of Your Business

Many of the most time intensive tasks are also the least valuable, even when they're necessary. A good management system makes performing these tasks more efficient, whether through a better systems interface, automation or cutting them out altogether. With our management systems, employees find their tasks quicker, easier and more comprehensive, allowing for a better performing business with more accurate data.

Accurate & Efficient Employee Management

A large business has lots of moving pieces, not least of all the people who make it up. We create management systems for any part of a business that needs greater efficiency, which includes HR and employee management.

Keep track of employee's tasks and working hours, holidays, sickness, wages and more with a simple, centralised system. Reduce the task of managing employees and the risk of failure, so you can focus more on managing other aspects of your business.

Employee management dashboards

Work on Lean Methods & Continuous Improvements

Saving time, saving money, reducing inefficiency: these are all elements of Lean Methodology, a self-improving business structure that helps your business perform better. Our management systems are explicitly created to take advantage of the techniques used in Lean Methodology and adapt them to your business and the unique way it functions.

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Save Time

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Maximise Efficiency

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Save Money

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