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When WordPress was first launched in 2003 no-one could have predicted the widespread popularity that it enjoys today. It's estimated that it plays a role in over 40% of the top 10 million websites in the world, as well as being the platform of choice for millions of bloggers and other individuals who want to be able to have control over their content.

With this level of popularity and widespread usage, it's little surprise that at Cefar we have focused closely on WordPress development as an additional offering for our clients who have many wide-ranging requirements.

To begin with, WordPress was developed primarily as a platform for bloggers. But as it has evolved it has become used for far more including forums, galleries, membership sites and even for e-commerce. Its status today is so great that it is arguably the world's leading content management system and one that no business or brand can afford to ignore.

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At Cefar, we are highly experienced in harnessing its huge flexibility for our clients, a flexibility that has been created by over 58,000 different plug-ins that are now available to users of the platform. Offering different functions and features that can tailor a site to suit specific needs, our developers are adept at choosing exactly the right ones for particular client requirements. The choice is so wide that it is often said that the possibilities are as unlimited as the imaginations of the developers using them – and our developers’ imaginations are very wide indeed.

Naturally, this is all underpinned by the clear brief that we will have worked out alongside each particular client to ensure that we are all on the same page form the very start of any project or longer-term relationship.

The use of the many different themes available with WordPress is one of the features that makes it a particularly appealing option. These allow us to change the look of the WordPress websites that we create as well as altering their functionality, but without the need to change the core code or any content.

For smaller clients, with less complex site requirements, we find this works perfectly well. For more involved sites, our developers are able to create personalised themes and incorporate these as well as, or instead of, the “off the shelf” options. This gives us almost limitless flexibility with regards to what we can achieve.

As you might expect, WordPress is a constantly evolving platform which offers more and more to users. So we ensure that we stay well-abreast of new features and developments as and when they are introduced.

And, as with all the websites that we create and administer for our clients, we continuously assess their performance based on a range of KPIs that are agreed in advance and while the site is still in development.

We also go further than this by carrying out data collection and analysis to identify trends, weaknesses and strong points. Steps can then be taken to maximise effectiveness and enhance usability of any given site.

Because of its wide-ranging nature, and the different scales on which it can be used, we are able to recommend and use WordPress for clients of every size as well as to tailor it to their precise requirements.

In turn, this has meant that we have gained a great deal of experience that we are keen to share with new clients, whether they are just dipping a toe into the world of WordPress or have been using it for some time and are looking for a fresh and new approach - a speciality of Cefar.

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