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A website is such a critical element of so many businesses' operations that there is no room for error in either its development or its operation. Equally important are any applications that work alongside or in tandem with the website This means that anyone needing these to be developed has to be able to rely on everything being right, first time. Ideally, it won't just meet their brief but will take it a little further in the process.

This is a service that we have already provided for a number of clients in a wide variety of sectors, with universally successful results. This comes from our user-centric approach which has a laser-like focus on interrogating just how we can make engaging with the website or web application as frictionless an experience as possible.

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Website Mockups

First, we realise that a website must look good if it's going to appeal to its users – poor design is one of the key reasons that visitors leave a site. But this must also be backed up by high levels of usability. Because, if it's hard to navigate or key information is hard to find, then it's also unlikely to be effective or successful.

A great deal of research has been undertaken to try to quantify exactly what effect that an unattractive or poorly designed website can have on its effectiveness and it's been found that almost 40% of visitors will stop engaging with it before any meaningful interaction has been made.

Of course, websites aren't purely functional. They can also help to build or strengthen a brand personality or identity and around 48% of people believe that the appearance of the website is an important factor in supporting a brand's credibility. This all adds up to the fact that, when you're thinking about commissioning a new or revised website, it would be a sensible move to talk to an agency that is as experienced in brand development as it is in creating the sites themselves.

And, because more people are now accessing the internet via their phones and mobile devices than they are via laptops and PCs, we also develop a perfectly functioning mobile site alongside, followed by extensive testing to ensure that it works across the countless models of smartphone and tablets available. Only when this phase is complete will we release the site to the wider world.

At Cefar we are able to offer all this and more to our clients because we assign a multi-disciplinary team to every project. Then we equip them with the time and resources needed to achieve the optimal results. In addition, we are lucky to be able to call on individuals with the skillsets needed for any particular project, regardless of its size or its complexity, to create a tailor-made team for each one, however simple or involved that it might be. Because we realise that there's generally only one clear shot at getting it right, we're process-driven at every stage of the development. Working in close unison with the client, we proceed step by step according to the project schedule, testing, improving and refining as we go.

We also always have the philosophy that, however good the finished result may be, no job is ever 100% complete. There is always room to make marginal improvements using the information and experience that is gained once it is operating in a real world environment. It's this end-to-end approach that has led to so many clients retaining our services long after the original project has been completed.

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