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When a client in the balcony and balustrade manufacturing sector came to Cefar asking to create a simple planning tool we saw the potential for a far more ambitious solution. One which anyone could easily use to visualise and plan their design using a modular system in a wide range of materials. So the 3D Visual Planner was devised and developed, working in close collaboration with our client.

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Instant planning and design
The 3D Visual Planner offer a number of advantages over the more traditional ways to measure and design both for the contractor designing and installing them and for the end customer. For the former it acts both as a 3D rendered design tool and a way to accurately produce prices to give an accurate quote to your client. For the latter, the 3D rendered drawings allow you to zoom and rotate through you designs model.

Designed to increase sales
Everything we do at Cefar is designed to increase sales and achieve other business objectives for our clients and the 3D Visual Planner is no exception. Its ease of use, functionality and flexibility means that it provides a great foundation on which to build sales. The fact that any website is using it also automatically gives a level of credibility to the business, prompting clients to buy.

Automatic quotation and invoicing
The process of turning a prospect into a customer has been made even more frictionless as we programmed the system to automatically produce 100% accurate quotations once the approved design has been created on-screen. These can then be either printed out or, even more easily, emailed to the customer. So it’s a system that’s as user-friendly as it is intuitive to use.

We were very conscious that a wide range of people would use this software, from architects to homeowners looking for design solutions. So great care was taken to design a system that wasn’t just easy to use but which also provided a satisfying user experience. This has made the truly interactive nature of the 3D Planner one of its key selling points, and why it has already proved itself to be an invaluable planning and sales aid for our client.

Because we created and designed the system, we are also actively looking for other balcony and balustrade suppliers who would also like to use the system on their websites. It has been designed to be easy to embed in a website as well as to customise to tie in with other brand colours and identities, as well as with different materials and pricing structures. So we’re anticipating even more interest as the reputation of the 3D Planner starts to become more widespread.

Easy to visualise
One of the greatest strengths of the 3D Planner is the ability that it gives the user to visualise what the finished result will be. It also gives the opportunity to design and create different options to contrast and compare them before committing to the chosen one. This, in turn, means that the end client will be confident that the design being proposed is one that they are 100% satisfied with as a solution.

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The 3D Planner was a new departure for Cefar and there have been many valuable lessons learned throughout its development.
We'd like to tell you more about the process and how we could possibly put the same skills to work for you.
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