Enserve Business Management System

A total solution for a leader in the pest prevention and environmental services sector.
Enserve, a company which has been leading the way in it's field since 2001, came to Cefar and asked us to create a comprehensive project management tool for use by multiple departments and clients as well.

The Challenge

The solution would have to be used by a number of different departments with various levels of access and be capable of handling data related to everything from visiting schedules to the prospecting of new business contacts.

  • Our Services
  • Branding
  • Web Development
  • System Development

Key objectives

There were a number of objectives that were outlined in the brief that would need to be met, with four in particular that were top of the list.

Accurate Reporting
The prime objective, as with all project management systems was to provide a simple and efficient method of accurate reporting for every aspect of the business ranging from work carried out to schedules of future visits. It was also necessary for it to measure performance in all areas against KPIs.

Simple Interface
Ease of use was also critical with use of dashboards to make information easy to see and absorb including level of urgency for particular jobs. It also had to make a comprehensive range of documentation accessible both for Enserve and their clients while being easy and intuitive to use for all staff and clients.

Automated updates
As data was inputted, it would need to update the whole system automatically whether it is a job sheet being added or an invoice being issued. This was to avoid the need for time-consuming manual inputting across different areas and to ensure there would be no information-lag which could cause issues.

Efficiency through collaboration
Overall, the objective was to create a holistic system that could join the different elements of the business, along with clients, with an end-to-end tool. The desired result was to be greater efficiency, accuracy and, ultimately, profitability for Enserve. All results that we managed to achieve.

  • Scheduling
  • Filtering
  • Automation
  • Alerts
  • Reporting
  • EFK Reports
  • Routine Tracking
  • Field Data Entry
  • KPIs
  • Client Notifications

Our Solution

Working in close collaboration with Enserve, our first step was to fully understand their business and all of its facets. This involved spending time with everyone from the Field Technicians carrying out the work to the Finance Department who are responsible for issuing invoices.

This allowed us to create a tailor-made system that will be flexible enough to change, grow and develop along with Enserve.

It has been designed to encompass all areas, even including prospecting for new clients.

Equally important has been the Client Area that was developed alongside the CRM. This has provided an added-value element for clients that allows them to keep track of all dealings with Enserve, store relevant documents and keep track of service agreements.

Although it's early days, the signs are good. Staff at all levels have reported that the system is easy and effective to use and is making their day-to-day jobs easier to do. As more clients start to use their part of the system, similar feedback is anticipated.

If you'd like to talk about how Cefar could streamline your business, why not contact us today?

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