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Cefar Digital Agency Leeds & London
We were using a process of Continuous Improvement, a system whereby Proposals are entered manually on paper Proposal Forms, which were then added to Departmental C.I. Boards - a process both time consuming and open to error.
Paul Annetts, Lean Facilitator at Arla Foods

Cefar proposed to create a bespoke system to manage our Continuous Improvement process across all ARLA sites and to overcome the current obstacles and any other shortfalls they recognised in our current system. Cefar scoped and strategically planned an IT solutions that adopted the lean methodology – The 'Big C.I.S,' Hub. The Hub is a purpose-built bespoke system designed to increase our project delivery success through the implementation of the lean methodology.

The Hub has greatly improved the workflow within Arla, the ease of use and capabilities has helped streamline our approach. It has helped us organise projects, consolidate project documentation, improve project collaboration, improve project visibility and trace-ability, and provides excellent insights/data on how & when work is getting done.

Paul Annetts

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