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What is AO Home?

AO Home is a unique online marketplace that brings together exquisite objects that all have one thing in common - they all capture the sumptuousness, colour and vitality of Asia. Offering everything from gifts to furniture and from artworks to tableware the result is a unique collection designed to appeal to people who want to introduce the spirit of the east into their homes.

Magento E-Commerce Platform

We delivered a fully customised Magento 2 platform, integration with a back office system. This required management of multiple stores, integration of different shipping providers and a variety of alternative payment methods. The site accommodates for 4000+ SKU's.

Social Marketing

We also created a marketing strategy for AO Home to help promote and increase sales of their products. We achieved this by posting on different social platforms using relevant tags and keywords to spread awareness of different products on their website. This resulted in an increase in impressions and engagement on social media leading to more sales online.

We also used the shop function on both Facebook and Instagram to help create awareness of all the AO products. This allowed people to view the products from the Facebook or Instagram shop before going online.
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