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    Digital Marketing

    Why is Investing in Lead Generation Important?

    The launch and development of digital channels have opened countless opportunities for generating leads. Businesses can take advantage and use them to take their marketing strategy and sales to the next level. At Cefar we are well placed to help, particularly with our bespoke systems for lead generation. We are proud to be the most forward-thinking marketing agency Leeds has in this regard.

    Digital channels may have opened new opportunities for lead generation but that doesn’t mean it is easy to harness them. In fact, there is such an abundance of information available to consumers now that it is more difficult to capture their attention. As a result, many businesses are increasing their budgets for generating leads and looking for ways they can make the right impact.

    A major issue is that consumers can learn a great deal about a business and its products or services on their own. They no longer need the company to reach out to them to provide information. Instead, they can visit their website, look on social media, and check reviews on other sites. As a result, it is harder to get attention in the first place and businesses need to reach out and engage with their audience in new ways.

    The quality of a company website is crucial to leads. The site should be treated as a valuable asset and be designed to give visitors the best experience possible whilst encouraging them to take actions such as joining mailing lists, contacting the business for more information, or sign up for a membership.

    What is the challenge with lead generation

    The biggest challenge in modern lead generation is quality. Getting quality leads is the main aim but it can take a lot of resources and there is no guarantee that any lead will be a good one. This can leave businesses in a tough situation.

    One of the best solutions is to rank leads, a process known as lead scoring. By doing this you can see which offer the most potential for a sale. This can then translate to how much effort you put into nurturing and trying to turn the interest shown into revenue.

    When ranking leads it is wise to look at factors such as the amount of interest shown, the position in the buying cycle, and the fit with your business. The best leads will show a lot of interest, be close to making a purchase, and be looking for exactly what you are offering.

    The Cefar team is here to help with generating useful leads. We can work with each client to develop a suitable strategy and offer lead generation solutions that have the potential to offer fantastic value. We have a huge amount of knowledge and focus on building great relationships with our clients.

    You can contact us to arrange a full consultation. We are proud to offer a personal service that has earned us the reputation as an approachable, supportive marketing agency clients can rely upon. Contact us today to get started.