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    Web Design | Branding

    Top 6 Web Design Trends For 2024!

    As technology continues to evolve, so too does the world of web design. Looking ahead to 2024, there are several trends that web designers, businesses, and digital design agencies should focus on in 2024.

    These trends will reflect a push towards more user-friendly, accessible and personalised web experiences, as well as an increasing focus on the role of AI in web design and web development. 

    Web Accessibility Design Trends

    In our increasingly digital world, accessibility has become a non-negotiable aspect of web and application design. As user interface (UI) designers and user experience (UX) experts, we must stay ahead of the curve in understanding and implementing the latest trends and guidelines for accessibility.

    Accessibility has always been a feature that has been added to websites because it is necessary, rather than because they want. Now finally web accessibility is trending. This is making it more popular which also makes people more aware of what is needed. 

    An accessible screen with large text

    Web accessibility consists of multiple features that can include adding alt text, responsive design, correct colour gradients and assistive technologies. Making your site accessible requires relatively small efforts with a huge impact. 

    The reason why web accessibility is becoming popular is that businesses are finding ways to incorporate accessibility into their websites in cool and fascinating ways. The more ideas people come up with more accessibility will grow. 

    Virtual Content Trends

    The future of website design will no doubt include the use of AI.  Exploring the potential advantages of implementing artificial intelligence to enhance your website can significantly enhance your business and improve growth. 

    AI technologies streamline operations by automating tasks, which will stop designers from repetitive duties such as prototyping, image labelling, and content creation. Consequently, experts can redirect their efforts towards more advanced creative pursuits and strategic areas of web design.

    Content will also become much more streamlined as chatbots like chat GPT and Google Bard change the way content is created. 

    Content Creation design trends

    This technology can be utilised for various tasks, such as generating large amounts of content, improving web accessibility, optimising web performance, and creating personalised user experiences.

    For instance, a generative AI model could produce numerous generic product descriptions on an eCommerce platform, generating alternative iterations of text and visuals for enhanced accessibility.

    This would pinpoint and eliminate redundant elements impacting web speed, and customizing website content, structure, and web design in accordance with an individual user’s distinct preferences.

    ChatBots Trends

    Chatbots are set to play a pivotal role within eCommerce companies in 2024, augmenting their sales efforts by helping customers in locating products online. These chatbots will quickly address all customer inquiries and offer 24/7 support, thereby enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

    Rather than viewing AI and chatbots as job threats, human agents will come to regard them as enablers, facilitating improvement in their professional capabilities.

    An intriguing outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic was the surge in businesses transitioning online during 2020 and 2021. While chatbot-driven payments are still in the early stages, 2024 promises to be the year when this technology gains substantial traction.

    Numerous chatbot providers are developing robust payment integrations and established payment gateways such as Razorpay, Stripe, and PayU which will significantly streamline both consumer and brand transactions.

    Dark Mode Design Trends

    We are always looking for ways to look after our users, As accessibility becomes more popular, dark mode starts to become a favourable option for designers. 

    Dark mode is one of the top web design trends that has gained massive popularity over the past few years. It not only reduces eye strain in low-light conditions but also gives websites a sleek and modern appearance.

    Web designers in 2024 must master the art of implementing dark mode, as more and more websites begin to showcase their take on dark mode. 

    Dark mode on a mobile screen

    Users are interacting and engaging more with dark-mode websites. It makes it easy for users to read and improve their visibility. Many phones now have dark mode automatically selected for apps and the interface.

    Dark mode’s bold colours also help the device’s battery last longer while providing consumers with a pleasant nighttime experience.

    Split-Screen Layouts Design Trends

    Split-screen designs look great for any type of website with less content. They create a modern look and give room for creativity.

    Naturally, we can see vertical split-screen websites all over the web as the trend is rising as one of the biggest UI/UX design trends of 2024. 

    Enhancing the scrolling functionality makes it more convenient for users to engage and interact. Dynamic scrolling enables websites to present lots of information on a single page, preventing users from navigating away.

    The option of having a split screen with content on both sides design trends

    This proves especially effective for mobile-friendly websites, conserving users’ time by retaining them on the same page.

    The split screen feature allows the presentation of two different types of elements on a single page. This functionality can be used to showcase a menu on one side and informational content on the other, contributing to an enhanced user experience.

    When combined with 3D elements, this UI trend has the potential to significantly increase user engagement and dwell time on a website. Furthermore, asymmetrical designs and interactive objects can also be effectively showcased using this approach.

    Web Security Trends

    In the fast-paced digital landscape of 2024, website security has become a fundamental aspect of business operations. In light of the growing threats posed by security breaches, spam attacks, and hacking attempts, ensuring the security of your website is more vital than ever before.

    Machine learning algorithms are poised to play a pivotal role in web security. They provide real-time protection by analyzing vast datasets and promptly detecting concealed security risks. Looking ahead, we can expect rapid growth of websites and applications leaning towards machine learning algorithms. 

    Security of a laptop to protect from virus

    To further strengthen the security of your website or application the use of biometric authentication and other advanced verification methods are set to be used more and more. Resulting in a surge of websites and applications adopting these technologies. These measures significantly increase the defence of user data.

    As cyber threats continue to evolve relentlessly, becoming more intricate and multifaceted, the importance of web security is further enforced.

    When it comes to keeping your website trendy there is only one place to go, Cefar the ultimate web design agency based in Leeds. For more information on how we could help, get in touch today.