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    Top tips for effective brand building

    Building a great brand should be the goal of every business, regardless of their size. It important for any business to have a trustworthy, identifiable image that their target audience will respond to. At Cefar we have a lot of experience with brand building, establishing ourselves as the best design agency Leeds has to offer. Here are our top tips for effective branding.

    1) Get the message right

    You need to have a clear understanding of exactly what your brand is trying to say. Are you a social business or a commercial one? Are you focused on B2C or B2B? If you don’t understand what you want the brand to be yourself your customers are likely to struggle too.

    2) Make the brand unique

    The whole focus of branding is creating a unique image for your business that will stick in the mind of consumers. From the outset, you should be looking at what it is that makes you special and how you can convey it in your design.

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    3) Understand the competition

    An important thing to do in pursuit of making your brand stand out is to get a better idea of who your competitors are and what they offer. You should do some research in this regard, investigating their strengths, weaknesses, and looking for opportunities for your own brand.

    4) Establish an identity

    The logo and colours you select are immensely important, forming the most visual aspects of your brand. You need to make the right choices, both for what you want your business to convey and from a customer’s perspective. Never rush making a selection; look at different styles of font and logo, a selection of colours and combinations, and other design options.

    5) Packaging

    Whether it is a physical product or a service you need to consider packaging to make sure the customer will have the best experience. You may need to come up with an innovative solution or be able to go with a tried and tested option. Take the time to explore and make sure the packaging you choose says the right thing about your brand.

    6) Look at brand association

    There are a number of ways to promote a brand. One option is to build an association with main influencers in your target audience. This can help boost your reputation and provide fantastic rewards. Take care with selecting the right influencers though and make sure they reflect your philosophy and business culture.

    7) Never forget marketing

    You can build the best brand ever but if you fail to market effectively your returns may not be what you had hoped. Whilst creating your image why not start thinking about how you will market your products or services? Building like this from the outset can provide big rewards.

    At Cefar we can help you to build your brand from the ground up. Cefar is a digital design agency with a difference; we’re fired by passion for what we do. In this fast-moving digital world we connect brands to people and people to brands. Contact us today to get started.