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    Digital Marketing

    Important Tips for Marketing on Multiple Channels

    The best marketing campaigns are always multi-channel. This is because a target audience is never just in one place. To reach as many people as possible you need to use different channels, whether it is email, TV adverts, search engine adverts, printed materials, or social media. Your strategy should include a mixture of these so your brand is as visible as possible.

    At Cefar we have a lot of experience when it comes to multi-channel strategies. We can help clients to determine which approach will be best for them, including how much of their budget to invest in each area. We work closely with them to achieve this, offering our extensive experience at every stage. This approach has helped us become a reputable marketing agency that Leeds based businesses love working with.

    The five most important things to keep in mind when it comes to multi-channel marketing is:

    1) Establish a goal

    A clear goal is vital and will help to begin shaping the strategy and determine what steps to take. If the aim is to boost brand awareness, you may want to use as many channels as possible. Alternatively, if you want to increase sales your focus should be on those that have the highest potential for returns.

    2) Determine the audience


    It is vital to do your research in regard to your target audience. Ideally you want to know as much about them as possible, from their interests to their needs and wants. That way you can ensure you do all you can to reach them when you market.

    3) Select channels carefully

    When you market you won’t need to use every single channel that is available. Some of them will not be relevant for your audience and others may require too much work or investment to be viable. Focus on the ones that will be best in terms of return on investment and look at which ones your audience are using.

    4) Be consistent


    Consistency across channels is great for brand awareness. It keeps you in their mind and provides a much better experience for the end-users.

    5) Get the delivery right

    Although the above point says to be consistent this doesn’t mean that your message should be identical on each channel. After-all they are all unique and offer different methods of communication. You can vary the delivery to reflect this and make the best use of the channel.

    If you are considering a multi-channel marketing campaign and want support from a knowledgeable team we are here for you. As a well-established marketing agency that you can put your complete trust in, we vow to deliver the perfect service for you. Get in touch today to find out more about what we can offer.