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    Form and function with E-commerce

    The main focus when designing an e-commerce site is to combine form and function effectively. If the site looks nice and it is easy to navigate people will be more likely to complete a purchase. Alternatively, if customers arrive at a website that doesn’t look professional there is higher potential they will leave quickly. The same will happen if there are problems with the checkout process such as it being overly long or difficult to proceed through.

    Why Ecommerce is quicker

    Generally, the quicker a customer can pick an item and continue with the checkout process the better. This provides a more enjoyable experience for the user and means the business gets their money faster. Keep in mind that people who buy online may only have a short space of time to complete their purchase; if checking out takes too long they may abandon it.

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    One feature every site should have to help speed up browsing is the ability to refine products. This makes it easier to narrow down search results by various factors, be it size, price, or another variable. This feature should be reliable and capable of filtering results quickly so the user is not wasting too long browsing through items that don’t meet their needs.

    In the same vein, it should also be quick and easy to remove filters when necessary. Browsers may make a mistake and it would cost them a lot of searching to go through the process of starting from the beginning. As a result, they should be able to easily get rid of a filter.

    Keeping stock up to date on the site is important too. One of the most frustrating things with shopping online is finding the perfect product and moving on to checkout only to find it is not available. The best sites track stock effectively and make it clear when items are no long available.

    At Cefar we have a lot of experience in designing websites. We know what it takes to create one that will provide a great customer experience every time, especially when it comes to shopping online. That is why we are the most highly rated company for e-commerce site design Leeds has to offer.

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