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    Business Systems

    Do you know the value of a business app?

    Over the years mobile technology has evolved substantially. Your phone and tablet can now do more than ever before thanks to a built in camera, internet access, and the multitude of different applications you have access to. You can find an app for absolutely anything, from music to books, fitness to shopping, and all kinds of games.

    More and more businesses have started to offer their own applications, whether they are designed to allow consumers to buy a product, organise a service, or simply find out more about their brand. The opportunities on offer are fantastic and make investing in a bespoke app a very attractive proposition.

    At Cefar we stand out as the most creative digital agency Leeds has. When it comes to making an impression on customers we can help brands to get the best results. We would like to take this opportunity to explain exactly what kind of returns your own business app can provide.

    1) Boost customer value

    With an application, you can offer all kinds of loyalty programs and special rewards for your customers. This could encourage them to buy from you more frequently, increasing the number of interactions and building brand appreciation. Brands like Starbucks and Subway have made great use of apps, even translating existing physical card systems to digital.

    2) Build brand awareness

    Engaging with your consumers is always a challenge for businesses. With an app your brand is visible to your audience every time they look at their device. With a single click, they can be engaging with you. This link can be used for communication and to build trust, both of which are crucial for success.

    3) Improve customer service

    An app gives a consumer another way to interact with your businesses without having to speak to a sales person on the phone. The digital service can be created to remain consistent, completely removing the fluctuating performance of human sales personnel. As a result, the user can expect the same great experience every time.

    4) The business is always available

    With an app, a consumer can find out information whenever they like by simply using their device. There are no constraints such as working hours to worry about. In addition, when it is peak time and phones are busy, the application will still be available.

    5) Boost profits

    All of the above are designed to make consumers happier and keep them engaged with your brand. The ultimate benefit of this is that they are more likely to buy from you when they come to make a purchase. This, in turn, boosts profits. An app can increase e-commerce sales effectively, especially if it offers flexibility and a great experience.

    6) Learn more about consumers

    If you build your app properly it can give you all kinds of useful information including how long it is used, where users are, and how much they spend. All of this data is important and can be used to improve your marketing.

    At Cefar we can create bespoke applications for business of all shapes and sizes. We are highly creative and always enjoy creating something unique that stands out. When you want to work closely with the best digital agency Leeds has, give us a call.