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    The Complete Guide to Developing a Unique Brand Identity in 2021

    Are you struggling to differentiate your business from competitors? Do you find that your social media or web presence is fairly lacklustre? It may be time to develop a brand identity.

    Brand identities are the visual representation of your brand. Without one, potential customers will struggle to find reasons to do business with you compared with your nearest competitors. 

    According to the 2019 Edelman Trust Report, the majority of customers make buying decisions based on their recognition and trust of a brand. With this in mind, read on to learn all about developing your brand identity today!  

    Why is Brand Identity Important? 

    Your brand identity is the visual representation of your brand–your public image. The ability to communicate what your brand represents to customers clearly and concisely is one of the most important aspects of brand identity.

    On the most basic level, this can help potential customers determine whether they want to do business with you and whether you’d be the right fit. With a clear brand identity, you’ll also enjoy:

    Developing a Brand Identity

    When it comes to creating a unique brand identity, you can quickly feel as if you’re being pulled into many directions at once. Here are our recommendations on how to develop a brand identity that will serve you and your customers well for years to come.

    Identify Purpose and Positioning

    Creating a brand identity should always begin with identifying your brand’s unique purpose as well as its positioning. This means discovering your brand’s core values, goals, and audience in order to differentiate yourself from competitors. Here are a few questions to ask yourself in order to determine your brand’s positioning: 

    • Who is my target audience? (Age, marital status, location, hobbies, etc.) 
    • Who is my competition? 
    • What is your brand’s personality? 

    You’ll find that by finding concrete answers to these questions, you’ll have an easier time crafting a unique brand identity. 

    Brand Positioning

    Creating a Tagline

    Your brand tagline helps communicate your purpose and positioning in as few words as possible. Paired with your logo, it’s a powerful way to introduce yourself to customers and create a distinctive, memorable image. Here are a few rules of thumb when developing your tagline: 

    • Keep it five words or less
    • Use alliteration, rhyming, or other techniques to make it memorable
    • Create messaging that speaks to your target audience
    • Focus on a single point that differentiates you from competitors

    Paired with your logo, a tagline is a powerful way to jumpstart brand recognition and build authority. 

    Picking Your Colour Palette

    Now that you know your tagline and unique brand positioning, our next recommendation is to begin considering your brand’s colour palette. This is because the colour palette will help inform the rest of your brand’s visual design. 

    Colours matter just as much as your tagline because they’re strongly linked to emotion. Colour psychology and theory suggests that people can make buying decisions based on their colour preferences. For instance, white is viewed as a fresh and clean colour that also gives a sense of youth and modernity.

    Although you can choose as many colours as you want, the best place to start is to choose a base colour, an accent colour, and a neutral colour. Choose monochromatic, triadic, analogous, or complementary colours in order to ensure that they look good together.

    While you’re choosing them, keep in mind your target audience as well as your brand’s tagline.  

    Brand Identity

    Developing Your Logo

    Once you choose the three colours for your palette, it’s a good time to move on to the design of your logo. This is when working with a designer becomes important. They can take your colour palette, tagline, and business goals in order to create an accurate visual representation of your brand.

    The easiest way to start is by collecting logos and designs that speak to you and that you feel are similar to your brand. This will give your designer an idea of where to start. Knowledge of your target audience will also determine whether a trendy, retro or modern design style is chosen. 

    A good logo is timeless and memorable. It’s also completely unique to your brand and is able to work in a variety of locations–from your website to your business card. 

    Consistent Imagery

    If you’re happy with your logo, you’ll have a good idea going forward of the kind of imagery and graphics to use on the rest of your website and social media. Choose photographs and graphics that have roughly the same colour palette as your brand or that represent the same values. 

    For instance, if your target audience is predominantly millennials that love nature, you’d want to choose imagery that features models who are their age. Photos that feature nature may also be a good representation of your brand. 

    Creating a Compelling Brand Identity  

    When it comes to developing brand identity in 2021, you need to have a plan. You’ll find that by focusing on your target audience and brand positioning first, you’ll have an easier time making decisions about the visual elements.

    With a tagline and logo that speaks to your target audience, you’ll also have an easier time attracting the clients that you want. This is why brand identity is so important. It helps build trust and authority with potential customers who are unfamiliar with your brand.

    If you’re consistent with your content and visuals, customers can also build loyalty in your brand and feel confident in becoming repeat customers.

    Ready to take your branding to the next level? Take a look at the design services we offer today!