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    Business Systems

    Bespoke VS off-the-shelf software…

    It’s an age-old dilemma, especially in the business world – is it better to pay a little extra for a bespoke and carefully thought out service made to your specific requirements; or save money with an off-the-shelf alternative, which, whilst not being made solely for you, offers a service that you can utilise for what you need? It’s a common conundrum that’s as relevant as choosing a suit to buy for an important business meeting. Is a tailored touch necessary, or will a standard high street ensemble make a similar impression?

    Imagine this; your company has landed an important and potentially career-changing meeting with a client who is interested in your services. Naturally, you want to make the best first impression possible, and –however shallow it may be -, our first impressions are usually based upon what we see right in front of us. Now it’s time for you to buy a suit, and you have a choice.

    There’s your work uniform go-to, Next, a very acceptable, affordable high-street clothes chain that produces very nice suits… in bulk. Or there’s Slaters, a high-quality and understandably more expensive creator of tailored suits that are made exclusively for you, from the hem to the cuffs, the collar to the buttons. Completely bespoke, and nobody else – anywhere in the world – will have a suit identical to yours.

    If it were up to you, knowing that your choice could be the difference between failure and success, what would you do?

    No single business is the same. Regardless of the endless amount of solicitors, design agencies, and schools around the world, every workforce is made up of different individuals, with different personalities, values and ideas that make a company what it is. So why settle for something ordinary, when you are already something extraordinary?

    Here at Cefar Systems, we pride ourselves on the bespoke and personal approach we offer our clients, creating business management systems that are based solely on what you want and need for your business to thrive and prosper, regardless of your industry.

    Whenever a client approaches us with an interest of building their own bespoke business management system, our first point of call is to truly get under the skin of their business, values and objectives to understand how they work and how we can create and continuously develop a system that is both easy and intuitive to use, producing a beneficial, seamless and prosperous user experience.

    Due to our investment in the continuous development of each individual client and the system we have created for them, we’ll ensure that your system grows simultaneously with your business, adapting to your wants and needs to address and work towards your future goals and objectives.

    The best thing about our personal approach? We’ll never disappoint because it’s all about you. Your wish is our command.

    So, which suit are you going to go for?

    Stand out from the crowd, assert your individuality, and be extraordinary. If you’re interested in building a made-to-measure management system for your business, get in touch with us today.