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    A Mobile Friendly Website is Crucial

    Towards the end of 2016 mobile overtook desktops in terms of web browsing volumes. In October mobile achieved 51.3% of the global traffic according to StatCounter. This was the culmination of several years of growth and a simultaneous decline in the volume of desktop web browsing. The trend has continued in 2017.

    The shift is driven by improvements in mobile technology and connectivity as well as a big change in the demands of end-users. Being able to visit websites on the move is fantastic and provides a myriad of benefits. It has created challenges for businesses though, particularly in terms of ensuring their websites can be viewed and used properly on mobile devices.

    Cefar Design

    At Cefar, a well-established design agency Leeds businesses work closely with to determine their digital strategies, we can offer useful tips on how to create a user-friendly website that works on mobile devices.

    Responsive design is crucial for creating websites that look good on mobile browsers. The key to this is spacing. Designs should be adaptable so that the spacing changes as a result of the screen size. That way everybody will get the same great experience regardless of what device they are using.

    A second important thing to think about is zooming. The best responsive websites won’t require any pinching to read text and view content. It should be possible to navigate easily with a single finger too. Ensure menu bars, buttons and tap elements are all wide enough to be pressed easily.

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    It is always better to think about mobile from the start rather than trying to adapt an older website. That way you can keep the design clean and ensure that all content displays properly.

    If you want a website to perform well on mobile devices you need to keep speed in mind. Desktops can enjoy faster speeds, especially if they are hardwired. As a result, they can view media files and download quicker. To make a site more mobile-friendly you need to be more thoughtful with your media, even cropping pictures and optimising them so they load faster.

    The vast majority of businesses want their websites to deliver leads. As a result, they make contact forms available so that queries can be made. To make a site user-friendly for mobile browsers these forms should be designed with them in mind, ensuring they only ask for a minimal amount of information and make it easy to enter it.

    Cefar can help clients to understand the value of designing with mobile browsers in mind. We are a leading design agency Leeds businesses can call on for personal services and professional insights. Working with us can provide fantastic results, including the ability to make a great impact on people who visit websites on mobile devices.

    If you have any questions for us please get in touch.