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It’s surprising that in the digital age we live and work in, paper wastage, especially in the workplace, is at an all-time high. In fact, despite the huge advancements in technology, e-mails and digital office management systems in the last half-decade, global consumption of paper in businesses has INCREASED by almost half since 1980. ‘Who

25th July 2019

From the outside, programming appears very much more like a science than an art. After all, languages like JavaScript are simply sets of instructions put together in various ways in order to achieve certain outputs. From the inside, though, it’s a different story. Some would say it depends on what you’re creating. Whether it be

5th June 2019

Whether you’re new to the world of frontend frameworks or you’ve been in it as long as jQuery, it can be pretty tricky to find your way around it. This is a pain in the backside because, as you may know, the whole point of using a front-end framework is to make life a bit

3rd May 2019

This year, the world wide web celebrates thirty years since Tim Berners-Lee famously set out his “vague, but exciting” vision for it in a document titled, “Internet Management: A Proposal”.   The internet, as a way of sending information between computers, had long been around before Burners-Lee’s excitingly named proposal. His genius, however, was in

5th April 2019

We walked into the office to a lovely surprise from the Christmas Elves this morning! The whole team have been gifted with Chilly’s Reusable bottles and we can’t wait do our little bit to make sure there’s still snow for the Elves next year… Chilly’s mission is to accelerate the adoption for everyday use of

21st December 2018

If you’re one of the few who hasn’t yet compared prices while waiting in line or bought something while on the loo, you soon will. If you haven’t heard, we’re well and truly now in the era of mobile — mobile not just meaning your smartphone, but mobile in terms of mobility, portability, and freedom

28th November 2018

If you understand the scale and impact that WordPress has had in the content management space, then you can start to get a good idea of what exactly Magento means to those in the e-commerce arena. It’s the most popular e-commerce store on the web, powering websites for sole traders to massive international brands. The

15th October 2018

UX design seems like one of those disciplines you could never fully wrap your head around. It combines skills from many different fields, involves many different principles and aspects, and everyone and their dog seems to describe and talk about it in a different way. When you boil it down, though, UX design is actually

14th September 2018

Data visualisation is often thought of as just making information into pretty pictures that are easier to digest and more comfortable on the eye. But this would be overlooking an obvious point: humans are visual creatures. We don’t naturally understand the world through words and figures, we understand it through objects, colours and the interactions

22nd August 2018

It’s true that the web has — and will continue to — greatly improve our lives. But it’s also true that, as recent media hype supports, it has not only improved our lives, but, in many ways, made them much worse. Catastrophic personal data breaches, rampant smartphone and social media addiction, and frequent burst blood

17th July 2018